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Forum Incident reports there have been a couple of incidents posted on the forum lately of fatalities onboard tugs. If anybody hears of an incident please post it on the forum to allow us all to read so we can work together in building a safer future for us and our crews.

The new forum has now reached 575 posts. If you have not yet joined, then all details are on the forum home page, click the link at the top of the page. Most users online at one time was 20.

Tug Bridge Design, Join in the conversation, Exec member Chris Strachan has started this topic and needs your input so we can feed it back to the tug designers and make a better tug bridge for the future.


International Tugmasters Association,tugs and tug masters. Free membership for tug

masters and all information relevant to ports and tugs, tug safety, tug & tow, towage, tug boats and also share information on the tug forum.

In 2009 the International Tugmasters Association was formed from an idea put forward between a few Tugmasters on how to bring together like minded professionals and build a better and safer future for everyone involved with tugs. We, the founding executive members, feel strongly it is time that Tugmasters throughout the towage industry were united in common thought and endeavour for our mutual benefit and well being, as is the case for other sectors of the maritime world, i.e. Harbour masters, Master mariners, Pilots, tug owners, ship owners, insurers etc; all have active associations to and for their benefit. It is high time that Tugmasters also have a voice within industry on matters that directly affect them and their sector.It is the Associations intention to unite Tugmasters, promote their profession and support activities towards a high standard of professionalism  in a safe and healthy environment for all their members.

Join today and get great benefits that include, reading the latest papers written by the best in the industry, contact with the executive committee, a voice within the towage industry, Tugmasters forum and live chat to like minded Masters around the world, regular newsletters direct to you, branches throughout the world, online shop, mentoring new Tugmasters and helping build an Association for the future to be proud of.



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Summary All Questionnaires_Final version (2).pdf
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